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Lindsay Smythe Ecole Saint Landry Sunset French immersion school leader

Lindsay Smythe, School Leader

Originally from Cameron Parish, Mme Smythe is a bilingual educator with 17 years of experience in education at the elementary, high school, and university levels. She received a Master’s in Education from Louisiana State University, trained and taught in French at Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia for 7 years, and received her certification in Education Leadership from University Holy Cross in New Orleans. Mme Smythe has been selected for professional programs in Belgium (Liege and Mons) as well as in French-speaking Canada (Quebec and Nova Scotia). She was named the 2016 Lafayette Parish Teacher of the Year and was nominated as the Louisiana Foreign Language Teachers Association Teacher of the Year. She is a 2020 graduate of the Leadership Institute of Acadiana and was named as a 2020 20 Under 40 Young Leader. Mme Smythe is married to Adam Doucet, and they are pet parents to a grey tabby cat named Cléo.  

Sarah Savoy Ecole Saint Landry French immersion Sunset Louisiana

Sarah Savoy, Administrative Manager and Parent Liaison

Sarah was born and raised in Eunice, Saint Landry Parish, Louisiana. Upon graduation from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a BA in English Liberal Arts, she moved to Russia for 5 years, working as the Marketing Director for American Medical Centers in Moscow and also teaching English in an English immersion private school. She then moved to Paris, France, where she lived for 12 years, playing Cajun music around Europe and working as Executive Chef of three different restaurants in the French capital.  She is a published author, an accomplished musician, and is recognized, as are the other members of her family, as an international spokesperson for Cajun culture. Her father builds accordions and has been awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts, her mother is an internationally-recognized author and musician, her brothers are well-known Cajun musicians, and her sister is a popular local artist and photographer. Sarah has two children, Louis and Anna, both born in France and collectively named after the best place in the world. She is fluent in English, Russian, and French, and is currently learning Greek. 


At École Saint-Landry, Sarah manages the school administrative duties, takes care of students when they’re not feeling well, manages the Family Engagement Team events, oversees the school garden and teaches gardening classes, steps in for special music events, and works with the PTO for special events organization. 

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