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How to Request a Transfer From Your Parish to École Saint-Landry

If you live closer to Sunset than to your parish's nearest zoned school, or if you work in Sunset, or if for any other reason you would prefer to send your child to École Saint-Landry rather than to your zoned school, you will need to complete a transfer request. The process differs from one parish to another, and there is no guarantee that your request will be approved. 

Below, please find information on how to make a transfer request if you live in Lafayette Parish or Acadia Parish. If you wish to transfer from another parish, please contact your local school board for more information.

If you live in Lafayette Parish:

Transfer requests are processed by The Child Welfare and Attendance Department The out-of-zone transfer request form includes an option for both in and out-of-parish transfers. 


For more information, you may contact:

Jerome Robinson, M.EdDirector of Child Welfare and Attendance


The LeRosen Elementary Building
516 E. Pinhook Rd.
Lafayette, LA 70508

Hours: 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Please call (337) 521-7090, (337) 521-7089 or (337) 521-7094 for additional assistance.


If you live in Acadia Parish:


The attendance zone policy of the Acadia Parish School Board requires students to attend school in their prescribed zone. Only in extreme cases (i.e. documented physical, psychological or family problems, etc. will hardships be approved. Students who do not reside in Acadia Parish as well as those students who reside in Acadia Parish, but who are zoned for another school within the parish must have school and district level approval to attend an out-of-zone school.


Permission may be denied or revoked due to a number of variables included but not limited to overcrowding or capacity. If a serious attendance or discipline problem exists during the hardship, this may be reason for the student to return to his/her home school zone.


If approved, transportation becomes the responsibility of the parent or guardian.


A new form must be filled out for each school year for new or renewal requests. 


• Complete Acadia Parish School Board Transfer Request by April 22.

• Mail or Fax form to Acadia Parish School Board Child Welfare &Attendance (337-785-8810) by April 22

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