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You may click HERE to access our uniform information in PDF format with images.  

Please read the below text about specific clothing and footwear, and contact us if you have any questions. 

For information on where to find and purchase uniforms, please see the bottom of this page.

Ecole Saint Landry French immersion school students lying in grass
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Tops should be only hunter green short- or long-sleeve polo shirts with a collar. The school logo is optional, not required. No other logos, stripes, or other decorations are acceptable under our uniform policy.

​Students may wear sweatshirts or hoodies in solid hunter green or navy blue as part of their uniforms. The school logo is optional, not required. No other logos, stripes, or other decorations are acceptable under our uniform policy.

Students may wear school spirit t-shirts, sweatshirts, or hoodies any day of the week. Only hunter green and navy sweatshirts and sweaters are appropriate as class wear, and all other outerwear must be removed when in class.


Accepted uniform bottoms are traditional uniform jumpers, skirts, skorts, shorts, or pants in khaki, navy or plaid #83. Cargo pockets are not permitted. Navy blue or hunter green polo dresses are allowed.

Skirts/skorts/shorts/jumpers must be as long as the child’s fingertips when his or her arms are extended straight by his or her sides. 

Please wear shorts under jumpers and skirts so underclothes are not exposed during play times. Bike-type shorts are not allowed. 

Belts are not required but are permitted.


Shoes must be closed-toe, closed-heel, comfortable, non-distracting shoes. Crocs, sandals, high heels, boots, etc. are not allowed. 

Socks and tights should be school-appropriate.


Jackets and coats are to be worn outside only, not in the classrooms. They may be any color or style, and they may feature any decorations or figures as long as these are school-appropriate.


Young children sometimes have accidents, even if it’s been years since they have had an accident at home. Class rules sometimes make a child shy to ask to go to the bathroom and they’ll wait too long to go. Milk, juice, and food may get spilled on uniforms, students may spill paint while working on an art project, they can slip in the mud while running at recess after a rainy day, and many other accidents can occur. Please keep a full uniform change in your child’s backpack, including a top, a bottom, underwear and socks. If an accident occurs, the wet or dirty clothes will be returned to you in a plastic grocery bag with an “Oops!” note attached to it. Please switch this bag out for a clean uniform change in a clean bag. 


Most major stores (Walmart, Target, etc.) carry the hunter green polos and the navy/khaki skirts, pants, shorts, and jumpers. You might also find secondhand uniforms at The Arc in Opelousas. Be sure to purchase your uniforms early because by August most places are sold out. 

For ease of ordering, to get the right plaid, to get École Saint-Landry spirit wear, and other accessories, we have partnered with SchoolBelles where you can get all uniform items in many sizes. They can also embroider the school logo on your shirts, sweaters, etc. Be sure to register to get the best prices, and they even offer an easy layaway program so you can reserve your choices at the beginning of the summer and pay for them later. 

School Code: s3074
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