École Saint-Landry will provide transportation for any student who lives more than 1 mile from the school. Transportation will be covered by using designated satellite stops within 5 miles of a student's home. This transportation is available for all students who choose to attend École Saint-Landry. Parents must submit transportation requests at the school when enrolling academy student(s). Prior to the first day of school, parents are encouraged to check with the school to ensure their student(s) are appropriately tagged as bus riders.


Our satellite stops will not be at the same location each year. The stops are decided by St. Landry Parish Schools, who will operate our busses. 


Specific Info: 2021-2022

Bus Satellite Locations and Times: If your child will ride the bus, please click HERE for information about our satellite stops around St. Landry Parish. They are divided by area, and all satellite stops are no further than 5 miles from any child's home. You are allowed to choose any satellite stop that works for you (even if it means that you have a different afternoon stop), but once you choose, you MUST keep that satellite stop location all year unless you move or change jobs. If you need to change the stop, you will need to contact our school as well as the bus driver. 

Buses Riders. Buses will drop off our students at approximately 8:00AM each morning, and once they arrive, the students will go straight to their classes for breakfast. Bus riders will leave school each day between 3:45PM and 4:00PM.


Car Riders. Car riders can begin being dropped off at 7:45AM, and they will be dismissed starting at 3:35PM. (Note: Afternoon car riders will actually leave BEFORE our bus riders.) Click HERE and read the information thoroughly, as we do NOT have a turnaround.