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For a downloadable pdf of school supplies by class, please click here.

We are very excited to now be working with School Tool Box, offering ship-to-school and ship-to-home boxes of school supplies at a discounted price. ​This company is so great! Ship-to-school orders are packed in a free keepsake box and include free personalized labels with your child's name. The teachers will take out their things for the classroom and you can then pick up your child's individual supplies at Portes Ouvertes and label them before the first day of school. It's much less expensive than WalMart or Target or Amazon, and so easy! You have to order before June 18th if you want the ship-to-school option, but if you order later you can get ship-to-home and just won't get the labels and keepsake box. Check it out here:






You can also order your school supplies online with the help of Teacher Lists. Click the image below to get started.


If you choose not to use School Tool Box, all supplies should be brought to school for Portes Ouvertes in a large reusable shopping bag with your child's name on the bag. Please don't forget to label each of your child's school supplies with his or her first name and last initial. The backpack and water bottle can be brought the first day of class. 

Our class materials fee is $20 and you can pay it at Portes Ouvertes. We accept cash, checks, and Venmo. Online payments may also be made through Online School Payments. 

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